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New Life Reveals Beauty in All Things

Using reclaimed items to create new and unique works of art!


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The CROSS represents New Life, Salvation, Hope, Faith, Strength, Love, Eternity and Communion.  It stands for giving new life with a new purpose to something otherwise discarded or dying.

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The cross TIES us all together with our faith and each other.


We bring New Life and a New Purpose to salvaged items.  We hope you enjoy and appreciate the unique beauty of our creations as much as we have enjoyed making them.  Every piece is made with our own hands using materials we have reclaimed from multiple sources.  

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About Us

CrossTies Creations is a newly founded small business owned and operated by Clayton & Brandi.  Together we discovered our love for working with reclaimed materials.  What started as a hobby to furnish and decorate our home and provide gifts for loved ones, turned into so much more.  Our pursuit to live a self sustainable life sent us on this journey and it has become such a huge part of our daily living.  We discovered that working together on these projects was therapeutic to each of us.  It provided time together while also giving us time to reflect spiritually. We collectively come up with creative ideas and we each  play a key role in the actual creation.  The best part of the process are all of the adventures we have while collecting the reclaimed items.  We both have full-time careers outside of the home, so for now this is a 24/7 passion that has to wait until evenings and weekends for us.  Our ideas are never ending and we are always trying to create something new.  It is important to us to create items using what we have that will touch people; while adding our own loving touches.  Each creation truly does come from our heart.  We take pride in trying to minimize any waste using every piece we can.  

After all...

There is no such thing as "SCRAP"  It's just a project 

that hasn't been built yet!