New Life Reveals Beauty in All Things

Using reclaimed items to create new and unique works of art!

Support Local Businesses and Keep the Money Local

Every time you make a choice to shop from a local business, you are supporting someone's family.  You are also being supportive in their effort to follow their dreams.  You are choosing quality of a handmade item over a few pennies saved at a big box store.  In our case, you are also purchasing a piece of our heart that we put into everything we create ♥  

Learn more about how and why we started our business.  

Learn More About Our Story!

We Stand For Something

Create & Repurpose in Order to Salvage & Save


Here are some of the events we will be at in the near future.

Stop by and see us!


June 15th

9043 County Rd 204, Plantersville, TX 77363​


August 17th 

9043 County Rd 204, Plantersville, TX 77363​

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